Ready, Set, Go… 2018 Resolutions

With a fresh calendar on the wall and all of its empty boxes yet to be filled with to-do’s, the start of a new year is naturally an optimistic time. If you’re in the mood for making a few resolutions, why not consider what you can do to help enhance your life? Here are some helpful tips brought to you by Loan Market:
Start saving for a deposit
Pay more into your bond
Negotiate on your interest rate with your bank
If you are considering buying a property at any time in the next two to three years, the time to start saving for a deposit is right now.

“Having a deposit increases your chances of securing a home loan and of securing a better interest rate,” says Daniel Pym of Loan Market. “So, if you’re even just starting to think about buying a property, this is the first and most important step you should take.”


Aim to pay a little (or a lot) more into your bond than your specified monthly repayment.

Once-off lump sums like inheritances or bonuses will also significantly reduce the amount you end up paying back, if you put them into your bond account.


Even a small reduction in your interest rate will have a massive impact on the amount of money you pay into your bond.

“If you have a good track record of bond repayment over a few years, speak with your bank manager about reducing your interest rate,”. “The answer might be no this time, but find out when you can approach them again. “Or as a Client of Loan Market we are constantly negotiating on your behalf.


Whatever you resolve to do we wish you luck and a Happy Festive Season…