Professionals positions pay-off

Did you know that banks tend to prefer particular professions? The secret to getting a great interest rate is to apply with the right lender.

Each lender has it's own pricing strategy and tend to cut interest rates aggressively for more business, in particular, banks love the medical profession and tend to loan up to 90 percent of the full purchase price of a property which means they only have to come up with a 10

percent deposit. This coupled with the reduction to total savings on mortgage costs will save the professional tens of thousands of dollars...

The highest loan approved for a medical professional was a 90 percent loan on $5m, but it’s not only medical professionals, banks may even extend this privilege to lawyers, accountants, and other professions at their discretion. If you are a professional and are looking to buy, contact Loan Market today o learn more on how to save on your property costs.