Loan Market launches RWDB Cares

Variety, The Children’s Charity, is an initiative that is very close to Ray White Double Bay’s Heart and in recent weeks, RWBD together with Daniel Pym, a mortgage broker from Loan Market, have launched Ray White Double Bay Cares. As part of launching this initiative $100 from every sale is being donated to Variety Australia.

The Children’s Charity was started when a one-month-old baby was found backstage at the Sheridan Square, by 11 men, known then as the Variety Club. They named her Catherine Variety Sheridan and vowed from then on to be her “Godfathers” and support the baby girl through life. Catherine’s highly published story led to donations towards her care from millions around America and with the overwhelming amount of funds that were sent through the Variety Social Club became the Variety Children’s Charity.

Variety looks after children in 13 countries with 42 offices and many millions of individual children across the globe. The charity sees support to children who are sick, disadvantaged or disabled. Variety aims to assess each individual child and their needs and then provides support accordingly. One of the little girls is Eva Pym, the daughter, Daniel Pym. Eva is the only one in the world with a very rare chromosomal disorder and Variety helps to provide her with much needed support as she battles health daily.

This is why Variety is something so special, as it does not just focus on a single problem but rather takes into account every child’s individual needs and finds a way to make that child’s life better. That’s why we have launched Ray White Double Bay Cares; an initiative that not only helps financially but also works on the ground to help support worthy causes in our community like this.