Loan Market innovators

Loan Market are leaders in the home loan arena and for good reason - we think out of the box and are always looking for new and innovative ways to assist our clients in getting the best possible deals, whilst still conforming to applicable regulations. In keeping with our plight for new ways to help our customers Loan Market have identified amazing ING Bank offers. ING is the world's leading direct savings bank as well as “Australia’s Most Recommended Bank”. Some of ING’s credentials are: Over $12 billion paid in savings interest, financed 475,000+ home loans, 1.5 million customers and counting.

Loan Market can assist you in taking advantage of ING’s latest offers which could save you on your Home Loan in the long run. ING are currently are offering 3.59% over 3 years fixed and 3.74% variable with a 100% offset account. If however you have an investment loan, they are also offering 3.84% for a 3 year fixed loan, with a variable rate at 3.99%. This is just one of the many ways with access to these rates, can help you save.