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Latest news

November cash rate decision: 8 ways to strengthen your loan application

If you’re now looking to buy, or even refinance your existing loan, there are a few ways to increase the chances of your loan application being approved.

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October cash rate decision: Tips to tackle Spring season

Despite the cash rate sitting four percentage points higher than its all-time low in 2022, we are still seeing the typical Springtime boost in properties going to auction. We share some tips to help you on your bidding journey.

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5 important considerations before refinancing

Many homeowners are feeling the squeeze from higher repayments. We explore five important factors to consider before refinancing.

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August cash rate: are pre-approvals worthwhile in a changing-rate environment?

With the uncertainty around the future of interest rates - whether they will keep increasing or have reached their peak - are pre-approvals still worth getting? We discuss.

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Govt housing incentive reaches milestone

The federal government's Home Guarantee Scheme (HGS) has now helped 100,000 people buy or build their own home since being launched in 2020.

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Days on market poised to fall: leading property economist

One of the most crucial property indicators is days on market, or the average time it takes properties to sell, and the way this indicator has bounced around over the past year reflects the ups and downs of the housing market.

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July cash rate: Could changed serviceability buffers help refinancers?

As interest rates increase in line with the cash rate hikes over the last year, it has become harder for some mortgage holders to refinance their home loan. However, to overcome this, some lenders are reducing what is called a ‘serviceability buffer’.

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First home buyer activity rises, despite challenges

This is a pretty good time to be a first-home buyer, according to one of Australia's leading property economists.

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Some lenders plan to scrap cashbacks

Refinancing cashback deals may become a thing of the past, after several big banks and smaller lenders, including Commonwealth Bank, NAB and Bankwest, announced they planned to phase out the incentive.

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5 reasons you may be able to get a lower interest rate

There are a number of things that lenders look at when considering your interest rate. If these have changed since you took out your home loan, it is possible you could get a more competitive interest rate.

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Established home prices tipped to return to 2022 levels soon

One of the country's leading property economists has delivered an argument for why prices for established homes are poised to enjoy significant growth.

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ACCC issues warning about fake bank messages

Australia's consumer watchdog has sounded the alarm about sophisticated bank impersonation scams that have claimed a number of peoples’ life savings.

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Federal Budget 23/24 - what does it mean for me?

You may have heard the Federal Government last night handed down its 2023/24 Federal Budget. We wanted to highlight the key points from the Budget that may impact you from 1 July.

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Does the cash rate impact car and personal loans?

While many homeowners across the country have been impacted by the changing cash rate, has it impacted other people with other loans, such as a car loan? The answer is - it depends.

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Are property investors getting out of the market?

With vacancy rates low and rents growing strongly, the market is crying out for more property investors, to increase rental supply and put downward pressure on demand.

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Australian banking system lauded for its “strength and stability”

It’s been a tough few weeks for the banking industry. As a result, you might be wondering what is the likelihood of an Australian bank collapsing? And what would happen if a bank did collapse?

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What is a cash rate and what does it mean for me?

It has been well reported the cash rate has been going up, and with it interest rates for home loans. But what is the connection between the two?

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Australians refinancing to get lower interest rates: ABS

New data from the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) has revealed that a large number of borrowers throughout the country are refinancing their home loans.

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“The rate of decline is clearly slowing”: leading property economist

Australian property prices are continuing to decline, but the downturn seems to be slowing, judging by the latest CoreLogic figures.

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Cash rate moves in March: could debt consolidation be worthwhile?

As interest rates have increased over the last 10 months, many homeowners have been looking for ways to save costs. One way they may have considered is debt consolidation.

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